Jutta Fürst   Hanna Pettersson

Jutta Fürst


As a native-born Austrian, I have been living in Switzerland since 1990, with my husband and two children. I speak German, English and French.

After graduating from high school I spent one year in Paris to learn the french language. Following this experience, I moved to Switzerland where I was employed at a major bank managing the director's office.

Before giving birth to my first child, I completed a two-year education as Wellness Trainer. This degree combines the elements exercise, nutrition and relaxation.

Following this education, I completed several further qualifications, specialized in the exercise sector.

I am a certified instructor in

To further educate myself and to stay on top of trends and developments in this industry, I frequently attend workshops and training days.

Hanna Pettersson

My passion for movement began as a young child in ballet classes and gymnastics.

The passion for movement and for the body never left me ever since and led me into physiotherapy on the one hand, where I appropriated a broad knowledge in anatomy, physiology and evidence based training. On the other hand my way led me into group fitness, from high-intensity training as a Tae Bo and M.A.X. instructor all to way to the more body-conscious training as Antara and Vinyasa Yoga, where I found my infinite passion.

My teachings are influenced by the experiences of the different types of teaching classes, my body based knowledge, my empathy and my passion to explore the endless potential of body movement. Respecting an individuals architecture and history, whilst providing the best tools and belief in their movement during teaching is my primary goal.

I simply love sharing movement!


Jutta Fürst   Hanna Pettersson

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